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About Sarah

An exceptional and proven leader, Sarah has developed policies for cabinet members and provided trusted counsel for our country’s top leaders. She served as the Director of Peace Corps Response under President Obama, working in more than fifty countries to strengthen communities and provide resources to healthcare, educational and environmental initiatives through volunteers on the ground. As Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security’s Private Sector Office, Sarah mediated open communications between the business community and the government — whether it was sharing national security intelligence or communicating with industry about the critical technology needed to keep our citizens safe.

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As a policy expert and former attorney, Sarah helped develop actionable policies regarding cybersecurity, border and aviation security, and counterterrorism for the Secretary of Homeland Security. Most recently, Sarah led the initiative to reopen U.S. travel and tourism to international visitors while working with the Department of Commerce under President Biden, curbing the devastating effects of the pandemic on small businesses. Using her invaluable experiences in Washington, Sarah represented Rhode Island on the Homeland Security Advisory Board.


Public service has been the cornerstone of Sarah’s family for generations. Her great-grandfather was President Wilson’s Ambassador to Turkey, her grandfather Henry Morgenthau was FDR’s Secretary of the Treasury, her uncle was Manhattan’s District Attorney, and her mother, Ruth Morgenthau, who escaped the Nazis at the age of six, was an advisor to President Carter and a member of the US delegation to the United Nations. When her mother ran for this same seat in 1988, Sarah and her brother Ben ran the campaign. While following in her family’s footsteps for nearly twenty years, Sarah raised three amazing children: Teddy, Henry, and Mizia, with her husband, Carl.


Sarah will be the first Democratic woman to ever represent Rhode Island in Congress.

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